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Namaskar Restaurant - Rockville, Maryland

Business Name: Namaskar Restaurant - Rockville, Maryland

About the Business: We offer a wide variety of Indian and Bangladeshi food prepared by Grandfather Gomes, who has over 45 years of culinary experience, most recently for 35 years as the personal chef for the Sultan of Oman.

Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill - Washington DC

Business Name: Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill - Washington DC

About the Business: We are serving authentic indian and pakistani food in the capitol hill area for the last seven years.

Cafe Taj - McLean, Virginia

Business Name: Cafe Taj - McLean, Virginia

Cafe of India - Washington DC

Business Name: Cafe of India - Washington DC

Buddha Bar - Washington DC

Business Name: Buddha Bar - Washington DC

Bombay Tandoor - Tyson's Corner

Business Name: Bombay Tandoor - Tyson's Corner

Bombay Club

Business Name: Bombay Club

Big Bowl - Reston

Business Name: Big Bowl - Reston

Asian Spice

Business Name: Asian Spice

Asia Nine Bar and Lounge

Business Name: Asia Nine Bar and Lounge

About the Business: Asia Nine's design draws inspiration from different Asian cultures. Jewel tones and rich woods envelop guests with a warm and exotic atmosphere. Elements of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese including a full service sushi bar, bar & lounge.