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The way to insure future business success is through a large loyal customer base – Helping to build that base is what we do!

Friendship Deals” is about helping local businesses reach out to various communities to acquire new customers. We leverage the combined power of social media networking, email, and online eCommerce to deliver you immediate results--That translates into More Sales for You.

Presented by, “Friendship Deals” is the most balanced, effective, and affordable HYPER-LOCAL multi-touch marketing program available for retail businesses today. Where friends within the community share information and refer other friends to new deals offered by local merchants -You.

Just like your business, ours is all about delivering service. Call us (M-F 9a-5p EST) or email us anytime. We will be glad to discuss how we can partner to achieve our business goals.

We're not an average Web discount site. We are a powerful consumer advertising program designed to help retail businesses like yours effectively reach a broad local consumer base online. What’s more, each recipient is a member of a broader social network resulting in exponential exposure of Your Offering.

You construct a great deal, or we can help you, to include providing profiles and characteristics of previous successful offerings. We deliver new customers by executing the following advertising vehicles in coordinated harmony:

  1. EMAIL: We email the local consumers with information about your business and your deal. The email reinforces the magazine and compels the consumer to visit to learn about your business and purchase your deal.
  2. WEB: distributes your coupons, spreads the word, and “Friendship Deals” sells your deal.
  3. Social Media: Spread the word about your deals and business through social media networking, viral video marketing, dedicated business group pages and banner Ads.

When we've executed the marketing activities:-

  • you get seen,
  • you get results,
  • you get remembered.

Your new customers will get the satisfaction (and the thrill) of experiencing try something new and exciting.

Typically, there are no up-front costs to participate because we PARTNER WITH YOU and simply split the rewards fairly.

Give us your consideration and call so we can provide the kind of local marketing that gives you much broader visibility, and most importantly - Gives you immediate sales!

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