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How it Works

How’s – "Friendship Deals" Works?

Friendship Deals” is designed for value-minded consumers who expect a great offer to try something new.

"Friendship Deals" is equally beneficial to your local merchants. They want an introduction to you along with a chance to earn your recommendation to friends. To bring you both together, built the "Friendship Deals" ( site along with their entertainment and social networking platform.

We realize everyone is busy, so we will never send you more than one email per day. If you like our featured offer, you must act quickly.Friendship Deals” offers are typically only available for one day – or until the maximum quantity of discount coupons or savings certificates are sold.

Every few days, we send you one greatly discounted offer.

Offers and tickets are sold "first come first serve" until they're gone.

Additionally we also sell tickets to local concerts and events at discounted prices.

Purchase any offer you like directly from this site.

You receive your voucher or ticket via email when the minimum number of coupons are sold.

After you buy the offer, you'll get a unique link to share from's - "Friendhsip Deals".

Some offers may have a deal TIPPING POINT set. This is a minimum-number-of-sales requirement. For example, say the deal tipping point is set to 10 sales - this means that the first 10 people essentially agree to 'purchase' this offer understand that a total of 9 other people must purchase this offer for the deal to be "on". If only 5 purchase that day, the "deal is off" and no charges will appear on your credit card.

Typically, the discount coupons or savings certificates you purchase may be redeemed starting 24 hours AFTER your transaction date. The reason they aren't instantly redeemable is to allow the merchant time to be notified and process your discount coupons or savings certificate. The number of certificates you may personally purchase varies per-offer, but you can typically buy one for yourself and three more as gifts. Check out our FAQ for more details.

All Savings certificate, discount coupon and ticket sales are final. Refunds are only granted for clear and obvious mistakes, not changes of heart. Refunds will be granted quickly if the actual merchant goes out of business or you are obstructed from using your legitimate coupon, certificate or ticket after allowing us a fair chance to resolve the issue.

Please give's - "Friendship Deals" a try. Our upcoming offers are going to completely amaze you!!!

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